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This is a short and concise guide to issues you need to be aware of if your hospital is in the process of purchasing or installing EDM2000. This note relates to the technical areas of preparation before EDM200 is installed.

IT requirements:

1. PC Client running Windows XP or 7 linked to the network. The recommended level is Windows XP, with a minimum of 1024Mb RAM.

2. Access to a shared network drive with read and write access for all dieticians and milk room staff. This requires a minimum of 100Mb of free space to begin with but over several years this storage requirement might increase to several gigabytes.

3. If the file server is a Microsoft based server then oplocks must be turned off! Unless this step is taken then the server operating system will corrupt data. This is a well documented Microsoft problem and sites may be charged to recover data lost due to an incorrect setting.

4. It is strongly recommended that write cache is not used on the server running EDM2000 as reliability is more important than speed. Microsoft do document the fact that data can be lost or corrupted if write cache is used.

5. In a Windows 2008 server environment there is a known issue with data corruption problems when SMB2 is used (as opposed to the normal SMB1 protocol). This is a documented Microsoft issue and there are workstation settings required to prevent this corruption being a problem. This problem is only apparent when Windows Vista or Windows 7 machines are used with Windows 2008 servers. For more details please contact us for documentation and a tool to correct the workstation configuration.

6. EDM2000 does not install any software or change any DLL's on the local client PC.

7. During installation it will normally be necessary for our Engineer to have administration level

access to the local PC's for configuration of the printers.

8. The IT department is responsible for network backups to include the \EDM2000 directory and all sub directories (data loss and recovery due to inadequate backup/s will be a chargeable item).

9. Remote access to the area of the server where EDM2000 is installed must be provided. The preferred method is via VPN over broadband using either Terminal Server or Citrix.

10.We require an IT contact person that can act as a primary link to the IT department should any issues arise.

11.A standard user login for EDM2000 support staff to access only the \EDM2000 area for use by the site support engineer.

12.Microsoft servers need to have 'auto disconnect' set to -1 or at least 720 (12 hours) - please see Q138365 for full details.

13.If the Active Directory authentication option is chosen then a Service is required to be installed onto your server to permit authentication.


If there are any questions or problems with the above details then this matter can be clarified by contacting us directly. It is recommended that this list is printed and checked with a copy signed and handed to the EDM2000 engineer before installation is commenced.

The EDM2000 system, in its standard form, runs completely from a network shared directory (normally called \EDM2000) and does not directly effect any other application. It is a shared database application running a multi-user, multi threading 32 bit software application used by the dieticians department. The normal points of access to the program are from the dieticians PCs, milk room and the wards.


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