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The EDM2000 program has three main levels of support.  Listed here are the levels, what they include and what they cost.

What is not charged for in the support programs is full and inclusive ‘bug’ fixing.  If you find a program ‘bug’ in our product we will fix it free of charge.  This is the way we believe all software should be.  We stand by the reliability and integrity of our product.

Another feature of our development is that we welcome any suggestions from you, the users of the program.  If the suggestion is considered to be worth adding to the system then this will be done (normally in the next release) and a credit for you and your hospital will be added to the user manual.

New releases are brought out at least every three months.  Depending on which level of support you are on then these will be applied to your system when the next scheduled visit takes place.

Notes relating to support:

In practice most support calls are responded to as soon as received.  For all urgent matters a phone call is recommended direct to your duty engineer (details will be given as part of your support package).  All other types of issues can be communicated by e-mail.  This provides a written trail of the call which will include time and date of the issue and written details of your problem.  A confirmation of receipt of the call will be sent along with either how to correct your problem or who and when will call to resolve the issue. 

On-site visits will include the following functions;

1)                 Full data verification

2)                 Software updates applied and tested

3)                 Any reports modified or created – as time permits

4)                 Training of new staff – as time permits

5)                 Each site visit will be for a full day

6)                 Visits may be scheduled for weekends or later in the day to facilitate updates to be applied out of main production hours.  Access must be provided to enable such visits.

 Notes relating to software upgrades:

1)                 All EDM2000 modules will be upgraded as necessary

2)                Additional charges will apply if 3rd party software is required to be upgraded – such as report writer or SQL database engine (window client/sever version).

Additional support facility;  Remote support via VPN (Virtual Private Network), Citrix (or Windows 2000/XP remote session) and RAS (Remote Access Server)  can be provided for.  This will permit one of our authorised technicians to connect remotely and quickly diagnose and repair the majority of problems.  This method can often save time as a site visit may not be required. 

 All prices quoted are in English pound sterling and no VAT is currently applicable.

Support plans will normally be invoiced on a quarterly basis in advance.  However a direct debit (or standing order) may be setup to pay the support level costs on a monthly basis.  A discount of 5% is offered to customers who setup such a facility for the cost of the chosen support contract.

 As for the small print – there is none.


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