When a new system is commissioned full training is provided to all users.  However, as staff change and existing users become more competent and wish to learn more, then the following range of courses can be booked.  These courses can be run at our training centre or provided on-site.

Introductory course

Overview of EDM2000 scope of use

Product file

          Safety functions

          Standard notes





          Scoop chart


Creating diet sheets

          Patient details

          Feed details

          Recipe details



Print options for diet sheets

          Ward sheets, standard, medium and full plus combined

          Recipe sheets, standard and combined

Normal time allocation for module: 3 hours


Intermediary course

  Changing patient numbers

  Control report settings

  Monitoring user logs

  Changing system modes

Normal time allocation for module: 4 hours


Advanced course

  Index checks

  Data verification

  Maintenance options

  Data overview to enable reports to be specified

Normal time allocation for module: 6 hours


Supervisor course

  Adding new uses

  System security

  Report creation (basic)

  Monitoring user logs - detailed searches and analysis

  Low level data over view

Normal time allocation for module: 6 hours


Formula room course

Part 1

  Overview of daily feed list

  Printing labels

  Printing recipe sheets

  Signing off feeds

Normal time allocation for module: 1 hour


Part 2

  Moving patients to wards

  Removing feeds from list

  Daily check lists

  Ward check lists

  Simple feeds


          Using archive

Normal time allocation for module: 1 hour


Ward users course

  Modifying feeds

  Removing feeds

  Moving patients

  Adding patients

  Adding feeds

Normal time allocation for module: 1 hour


Advanced Report Writer and data warehousing

  Overview of the report generator

  Detailed data structures

  Data relationships

  Allocating reports to screen

  Adding reports to Control Report table


NB: Only staff that have a technical background or several years experience will be considered for this course.


Normal time allocation for module: 6 hours


Other combinations of courses are available on request.

All training is charged at out standard rate unless your system is covered by one of our maintenance plans, in which case it is free when combined at the time of a normally scheduled site visit.


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