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 Cambridge University Hospitals


Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) is one of the largest and best known hospitals in the country. The ‘local’ hospital for our community, CUH is also a leading national centre for specialist treatment; a government-designated comprehensive biomedical research centre; one of only five academic health science centres in the UK, and a university teaching hospital with a worldwide reputation. Building on these different elements, CUH’s vision is to be one of the best academic healthcare organisations in the world.


They are using the multi-preparation room option to facilitate effective feed management in different preparation locations.


 Great North Children's Hospital, RVI


A brand new Children's Hospital serving the North East of England.  EDM2000 can be accessed across all areas of this large campus and also makes good use of a PIMS data feed to update patient details and status.



 Evelina Children's Hospital

The Evelina Children's Hospital is a stunning new purpose-built hospital at St Thomas' in 2005.  They are using the multi-screen option for the preparation room and a HL7 data link for patient demographics. 


The Milk Kitchen staff are using the 'paper lite' option where no printing of recipe's are necessary, the dietitians mark the feed as Ready or Hold and only labels are printed in the Milk Kitchen.

 Oxford Children's Hospital

The new children's hospital in Oxford now has EDM2000.  This is part of the John Radcliffe Hospital and is a centre of excellence for the area.  Due to the charity status of this hospital we provided additional licenses and a year of free support to assist the hospital.


 Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital

We are very pleased to welcome this new client to our expanding base of EDM2000 users.  This is a rapidly expanding and developing hospital that understands the vital benefits that using EDM will bring to the dietetics department.  Currently the department is based at the original site but will be moving to the new 'Alex' site in June 2007.  As all funds for the EDM system were raised by charity we matched this with an equal amount to facilitate the full funding of the project.

The 'New Alex'

Below is the news release relating to this implementation:


October 2008 - the Alex just won an award for it's design, click on the link below for the full story:




 Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the leaders in the field of child health and was the first hospital to use EDM2000™ and have been using it now for over ten years. It is used to assist the dieticians in the calculations of highly complex modular feeds to the labelling of feed bottles and simple 'ready to feeds'. Full stock use figures are generated along with comprehensive patient details of all feeds given.


 Royal London Hospital


The Royal London Hospital has been a user of EDM2000™ for almost as long as Great Ormond Street.

The hospital is undergoing a massive amount of rebuilding and will eventually be the largest new hospital in England.

Head Dieticians comments: EDM has been used by our dieticians and milk room for many years.   It is an instrumental tool in our daily practice. EDM ensures that complex feeds are made correctly and labelled with accurate patient information and storage information. The system maintains a history of a patient's feeds, which is useful for patients who are frequently re-admitted. It's recent upgraded features allow EDM to be used to monitor stock usage, which can be compared against stock orders. We are very happy with the level of technical support we receive from the creator of EDM.


St Georges Hospital


Another leading London hospital and very famous teaching hospital. They have been using EDM2000™ for several years now and are currently expanding the use within the hospital. They have helped produce several innovation for EDM2000™.  We are currently working with the hospital to provide comprehensive EBM milk bank capabilities.


 Birmingham Children's Hospital


A long term user of EDM2000™, they use the program throughout the hospital and can access the program from the wards and outpatients as well as the dietetic department and special feed unit. This saves time when ordering feeds.

Dieticians comments:

The special feed unit at the Children’s Hospital provides feeds for more than 100 infants and children on a daily basis, preparing and delivering 400-500 bottles each day.

EDM has been used at Birmingham Children’s Hospital since 2001. The introduction required major changes in working practices for dietetic and special feed unit staff but with appropriate staff training EDM has become a reliable and efficient method of feed formulation, preparation and labelling. Due to the complex nature of many of the feeds used in this specialist unit the program also helps to ensure accuracy of the composition in feeds, particularly those with multiple ingredients.

The flexibility of the system has allowed the programme to be tailored to the specific needs of our hospital. Regular updates that are provided for all users are helpful but modifications designed in collaboration with our department specifically for local use have proved most valuable in maintaining an efficient and safe special feed service.



 Royal Manchester Children's Hospital


The history of Pendlebury Children's Hospital, as it is affectionally known, is the history of the oldest continuous service for sick children in this country. A well established user of EDM2000™, they access the system from two different sites and have the Special Feed Unit in another building. All this functionality greatly assists in accurate and safe feeds being produced on time by a highly effective Special Feed Unit team.

Senior dieticians comments:

The installation of EDM has seen improved communication with our Special Feeds Unit when initiating new feeds. The improved presentation of feed recipes and feed analysis improves our professionalism and avoids errors from the misinterpretation of hand-writing. The historical records can be used down to speciality level for audits, costings, stock usage and service planning. Detailed feed analysis can be accessed at the press of a button. The EDM engineer always takes on board our suggestions for additions to the existing system. 



 Yorkhill Children's Hospital - Scotland
  • Scotland's largest children's hospital - The Royal Hospital for Sick Children (RHSC)

  • One of Glasgow's principal maternity centres - The Queen Mother's Hospital

    The Royal Hospital for Sick Children has 266 inpatient beds, 12 day case beds, and handles approximately 90,000 out-patients, 15,000 in-patients, 7,300 day cases and 35,000 A&E attendances every year. The hospital provides care for newborn babies right up to children around 13 years of age.

    The Queen Mother's Maternity Hospital delivers approximately 3500 babies each year. It has 70 maternity beds plus 28 Paediatric Department cots which includes Intensive Care and the Special Baby Unit.


    The Children's Hospital for Wales


    Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust is the largest NHS Trust in Wales and one of the largest in the UK.

    It provides day to day health services to a population of around 500,000 people living in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan who need hospital treatment, mental health care, care for elderly people and children as well as a growing range of community-based services, including specialist dental services, and new therapies as alternatives to hospital admission.

    Patients also attend from across Wales for a range of specialist services, for which the Trust is regarded as a centre of excellence, including paediatric, renal, cardiac, neurological services and bone marrow transplantation.

    One of our recent new user of EDM2000™, they are rapidly getting to grips with the power and flexibility of the system and are now running 'live' on the program. This hospital is the centre of excellence for the whole of Wales and is ensuring it maintains that lead by using EDM2000™.



    Royal Belfast Children's Hospital


    This is another specialist children's hospital that has used EDM2000™ for many years. Here they use the local label printing facility to enable both labels and recipes to be easily produced by the dietician's and passed on to the milk room thus not requiring the milk room to use any computer.  This ensures a phased implementation of the system and gradual introduction of new working practices



     MF Clinics


    This is a specialist ketogenic centre that uses EDM2000 with a special module for appointments and ketogenic monitoring. Full dietary meal analyses, ketogenic meal analyses and ketone tracking is provided.

    "We operate our clinics from the Neville Childhood Epilepsy Centre at the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy in Lingfield, Surrey. The centre is a World Class medical facility specifically designed for epilepsy diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation. For families travelling long distances, patient and family accommodation is available, details of which can be found on our Resources page and require pre-booking."

     Bradford Teaching Hospital NHS Trust


    EDM2000 is used within this group of hospitals and is accessed across multiple sites.

    "Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust became one of the first Foundation Trusts in April 2004. A year earlier we became a teaching hospital to train the next generation of doctors. During this time the NHS has changed and the public now expect ever better services. We have made our hospitals some of the safest in the country. Much of our earlier strategy, developed in 2006, has been delivered almost two years early. We are now looking towards 2015 and are making ambitious plans to remain one of the leading hospital groups in England."

     Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


    Specialist options for label production in PICU was added to facilitate the current working practices at this world famous hospital.

    "Our expertise Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust is a partnership of two specialist hospitals which are known throughout the world for their expertise, standard of care and research success. As a specialist trust we only provide treatment for people with heart and lung disease. This means our doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are experts in their chosen field, and many move to our hospitals from throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, so they can develop their particular skills even further."



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