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  • EDM2000 can: 

    * Improve safety of feed production and patient care.

    * Create accurate modular formulations and provide product traceability.

    * Increase productivity of dieticians and feed production staff.


What is EDM2000?

EDM2000 is an abbreviation for Electronic Dietetics Manager (2000 edition).  It is a program that manages a series of related database files.  It is designed to help you, the dietician, produce accurate and detailed feed information.  The formula room module permits the easy and accurate label printing. It provides many other functions to assist you in your job.  It is used in many Hospitals in England since 1994.

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How can EDM2000 help us?

EDM2000 will remove the repetitive data entry of a manual or simple PC system.  It provides checks on the data entered to prevent major errors.  It facilitates the calculation of modular feeds as required by critically ill patients. By correctly using EDM2000 your department should be more efficient and more accurate with access to a wealth of historical data.  By analysing this historical data greater understanding of your patients requirements can be achieved.  The program also keeps track of costing in the production and manufacture of feeds.  This can greatly assist the department to accurately recoup its operating costs from other service providers.

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What type of system do we need to run EDM2000 on?

EDM2000  will require Windows 2000 or greater, Pentium 4 2Ghz with 512Mb RAM as practical minimum specification.

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How much will it cost to implement?

This is dependent on the type of PC's you have (or not as the case may be!) and whether they are / will be networked together.  For a multi-user system your budget should start at around 15,000.

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Can we use data from our old existing system?

Yes - dependent of the type of existing system but the majority of PC based systems can be manipulated to extract the required data.

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Is our data locked into the EDM2000 program?

No - the data is stored in standard DBF (Dbase III) format files.  The optional report writer or even Excel or Word can be used to access and extract data.

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What of the future?

On a day by day basis EDM2000 is improved and more features added.  We are driven by your requests and needs.  Please ensure that you ask for any feature that you may need, this will then be assessed and, if possible, it will be added to the next release.

We are currently assessing ways to seamlessly obtain feedback from the wards for how much feed was consumed to permit the dietician the have the information to fine tune any feed.

We are also evaluation closer integration in the formula room to minimise any possible errors.

If a client has a special requirement then this can be incorporated into your version of the program.

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