Key features of EDM2000
  • Improves feed safety
  • Every feed clearly labeled
  • Detailed stock use reports
  • Increases accuracy of feeds
  • Patient statistics/Kerner
  • Reliable and effective

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  EDM2000 - Electronic Dietetics Manager

The Electronic Dietetic Manager (EDM2000©) is a software program depended upon already by many dieticians throughout the UK. It facilitates milk room production of feeds, including comprehensive bottle labeling, from premature infants to adults. This user-friendly program constructs feed recipes for use in the hospital setting and the community. The database also incorporates nutritional analyses, special meals ordering, anthropometrics, patient & dietician statistics, age correction, product costs and stock usage. This invaluable tool could be used in your department - please contact us for a free on-site demonstration.

EDM2000© is used to schedule and label modular and standard feeds, supplements, EBM and Ready to Feeds. Critical improvements in patient safety are achieved by the accurate and detailed labeling of all such feeds. Cost and time savings can also be made by the use of EDM2000© along with an increase in accuracy and minimising of errors in the production environment.

EDM2000© can also handle the ordering and management of meals from diet kitchens along with the labels required.


EDM2000© can: 

* Improve safety of feed production and patient care.

* Create accurate modular formulations and provide product traceability.

* Increase productivity of dieticians and feed production staff.

EDM has been a highly reliable and stable solution for many hospitals for over twelve years.

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Who uses EDM2000?
Who uses EDM2000?


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