Congestion charging

It is a unfortunate fact that this method of 'reducing traffic congestion' by pricing drivers off the road is here to stay.  As more and more cities contemplate applying these types of charging we can not ignore it and have to have a fair scheme to recoup this additional overhead.  It would not be appropriate to have a global increase in support costs as this would penalise the hospitals that are not in charging areas.

Thus a surcharge will be added to the support cost of any hospital within a congestion charging area.  As the number of visits will normally be a factor of the level of support then a standard percentage will be added.  Should the congestion charging level be increased (or decreased...) at a later date then this percentage will be adjusted accordingly.

We will always try and resolve any EDM2000 problems via the phone, email or by remote support.  However, site visits will always be required from time to time.  Although both you and ourselves view this support as essential we are not classified as an 'essential service' and therefore have these charges levied against us.  If any hospital can advise us otherwise then we will be very pleased to hear from you.

The additional surcharge will be 2% of any service charge invoice.  This charge will be detailed separately on the support invoice.  In 2006 the congestion charge increased by 67%.  No company can sustain this level of increase without passing on the cost to the clients.

Car Parking costs:

Currently, we are absorbing the cost of parking within our overheads.  However, some hospital car parking charges are aimed at short term parking and the cost for parking for a full day is excessive.  If your hospital has parking facilities for visiting service engineers then please let us know so that we can avail of this service.

Fuel costs:

We are currently absorbing these costs however, if petrol prices continue to increase, then this situation will be reviewed.

Road Charging:

Should road charging become a reality then these costs (plus administration costs) will be additional to any currently quoted support costs.


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