Due to many budget constraints within the NHS we have decided to offer a entry level package to help hospitals to start using EDM2000.  This package has all the features of the unlimited user version but only three users at a time may access the system.

EDM2000 is a program allowing storage of detailed patient information, modular feed analyses and calculation, feed production and labelling, and collection and collation of statistical information.

The program stores patient details and product details thus permitting the creation of modular feeds simply and accurately.  There are many cross checks and validations to ensure the feed is within parameters.  A recipe for the feed preparation area and a feed analysis sheet are produced at the press of a function key.

The system is also supplied with a comprehensive set of reports.  These reports permit the manager or supervisor detail statistics and costing for the production of feed.

The limited network version permits three users from any PC on the network to run the system.  We have one hospital where the EDM2000 system runs across several physical sites within the one hospital and another site when one installation of EDM2000 serves two hospitals.  Dieticians can produce all the documentation plus feed labels from various PCs on the network.  The recipe printer and label printer can be installed remotely in the feed unit area to assist with production.

3 user Network EDM2000    ...    ...    ...    ...    ...    3,900*

Limited to 3 concurrent users, single server license.

* Includes 30 days silver support, one Eltron TLP 2844 printer and one day install and training of 2 hours (for UK mainland only - overseas installations will require individual quotation for on-site installation and training).

Further support available at any level required, dependant on budget

Cost comparison:  This is difficult, as there is no other commercial product that we are aware of to directly compare with.  Thus, we have chosen to compare too a basic application that you may all be familiar with, Microsoft Office.  The cost of an 3 user license of EDM2000 is equivalent to just 5 retail copies of Microsoft Office.  Unfortunately, there is no comparable support offering from Microsoft that we can identify to compare costs with. However, Microsoft charge up to 29% of the product cost to provide upgrades - we include this with all our support packages.  At the end analyses if EDM2000 prevents just one clinical mistake to be made then it will of paid for itself at that moment.

Updated: November 2014 - price held for six months only.



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