Vinyl: Used for maximum quality and high tolerance to pasteurisation, chill freezer and fridge.

We recommend the use of the Gloss White Vinyl S277, 25mm x 101mm.

We can supply vinyl labels directly.  Any quantity - due to the fact that we buy in very large quantities we can offer them at a discounted price.  The more you all buy the lower we can get the price so lets work together with this!

Per roll of 1500 labels - 15.08 + shipping costs (NHS direct order cost) - Product code: LabMM2k1500


Per roll of 1500 labels - £16.59 (credit card order cost inc. p&p) - Product code: LabMM2k1500

Note: These are a slightly different material to the orginal labels and are a reduction in cost of 25% compared to the orginal. Cost per label is equivalent to 0.01p (compare that to laser labels that can cost 1+ per sheet to print! (approximately 0.5p per label!))


Tamper labels

Tamper Label role imageBottle with tamper label on

These paper labels are applied to the bottle tops to provide a clear indication if the the bottle tops are opened.

[NB: They are not a security seal, just a tamper indicator]

£29.08 per roll of 1,000 labels  Product Code: LabMM2kTamp



Ribbons for label printer (wax resin- 74m length) 5.43 each (NHS direct order cost) - Product code: Rib74m110mm


Ribbons for label printer (wax resin- 74m length) £5.86 each (credit card order cost inc. p&p) - Product code: Rib74m110mm

Note: The 2844 ribbon should last for about 1,000 labels and can be used in the 2742 printer also.  The ribbons for the 2742 are to be discontinued soon and we have stopped ordering stock.



We can supply the recommended printers for EDM2000.  These are industrial grade units and will give years of trouble free service.

Zebra GK420t - - - - - - - - - 495.00 each


Shipping costs

Standard cost per box, up to 20 label rolls (15Kg), within England - - - - - - - - 22.90 * each box for 2-3 day delivery

Please ask for quote on other times, quantities and destinations.

*Prices vary depending on quantity and distance - prices available upon application. 

NB:  Due to continued price increases in shipping costs this price will not be held and is due to reviewed on a monthly basis.  Please ensure you check the current cost before ordering.



Updated: November 2014


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