Support Voucher Scheme

This is a brand new option and permits those hospitals on a very tight budget to pre-buy a support option at a fixed cost.  The way it is intended to work is that a hospital will purchase a 'Support Voucher' - each voucher will provide cover for five support events that consume 15 minutes or greater.  While a hospital holds a valid voucher any support event that requires less than 15 minutes to resolve will be covered free.  If a site visit is absolutely necessary then only the cost of travel will be additionally charged (normally in the region of 100 per visit).  A voucher will last for five support events or twelve months - whichever event occurs first.  Any program updates that are released in the time the voucher is valid will be provided free.


Support voucher for five support events    -    736* - valid for 12 months from time of purchase, or the use of five support events.

*If a site visit is required then only the travel costs incurred will be charged.  It is strongly recommended that any hospital that avails of this scheme have a remote link facility available to us (either via Citrix, PC Anywhere or Terminal Server)



Updated: January 2014


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