Touch Screen option

The Windows version of the EDM2000 Formula room module now supports touch screen technology.  With the use of a touch screen the keyboard and mouse can be removed from the main daily production area and a cleaner IP65 rated touch screen can be used.  This screen can be cleaned daily to minimise the possibility of contamination and infection in the preparation of feeds.

EDM2000 clients can add this option to their existing system with no change required to the PC (requires Windows NT/2000/XP) apart from the addition of the Touch Screen.

New installations can specify this as an additional option when ordering the EDM2000 system.

For the larger production area several PCs and touch screens can be used to provide further isolation between preparation areas.

Touch screen LCD 17" IP65 rated (inclusive*) ...  ...  1,485

Yearly support cost (h/w & s/w - if part of existing contract)   ...  ...   185

*The charge for the screen includes all associated costs including delivery, installation, software driver installation and user training.

The screens are supplied with sturdy desk stands but can be fixed to the desk or even a wall if space is limited.  Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and a detailed quote.

We believe that this additional feature will provide another important safety feature for production  areas and the fight against MRSA and associated hospital borne infections.


Note: Further developments that are under way are the use of swipe cards to authenticate users and to provide various levels of authorisation for the feed production environment.



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