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Please Note: All prices will increase on January 1st 2011 due to the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20%. Please check prices before ordering any items.


August 2011

Our meal menu planner is now in Beta test and the final release should be later in the year.

A very busy year with three new hospitals ordering EDM2000.

March 2010

It has been a while for update news - this is because we have been very busy and productive.  We now have full version control available for product, product locations and the full McCance and Widdowson food tables available.  Thus EDM2000 can be used for meal analysis as well as modular feeds and PN.  Updates for this version will be rolled out in April and May 2010.

We also have a new offer for the use of SMS within EDM2000 - please contact us if you require further information or a quote.

Coming soon will be the diet kitchen module which will assist with meal production, labeling, analysis and costing.  This should be available by summer.

January 2010

Testing continues with Windows 7 and we hope to announce a major enhancement to EDM2000 for this year.  Keep checking here for further news.

December 2009

Another busy year draws to a close.  We have decided, as have many other organisations, not to send Christmas cards out.  This is a decision based on environmental and cost basis.  I hope you will accept our heart felt wishes that you have a very good Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

In January there will be limited cost increases to ensure we maintain a cost effective product and service range.  All clients will be notified individually of any changes.  We have kept these changes to an absolute minimum due to the current recession that we are all fighting through.

October & November 2009

Thank for all the interest shown at the recent European Ketogenic Conference.  It was a pleasure to meet so many of you from all parts of the globe.  If you require further details then please contact us!

EDM2000 update released with more label printing functions for individual labels.

September 2009

This month we will be attending the European Ketogenic Conference in Harrogate.  We look forward to meeting many of the 100+ professional users of EKM.  There are currently over 400 registered users of EKM worldwide.

June, July & August 2009

A great deal of work has been completed to enable full dietary analysis with comparisons to reference levels for feeds and meals along with fully featured meal selection and composition screen.

May 2009

SMS to mobile phone messaging is now available as a optional extra.  Click here for a detailed PDF document on the subject.

Emergency regime's and feed Extras are now available for each patient along with emergency regime report.  Also patient birth weight is now recorded for use with Reference values in pre-term babies.

April 2009

Feed reference values (DRV, RDA's etc) are now integrated into EDM2000.  Standard tables are supplied but the user can add any number of reference values for different countries and ethnic groups.

March 2009

The DRV/RDA module is progressing well and should be ready before the 2nd quarter of this year - UPDATE: This is now undergoing final testing and is due for release by April.  Error checks for incorrect ward and dietitian is now standard on this months release.

February 2009

The diet kitchen module is now being tested and final enhancements being added.  Due for release by April.

January 2009

Happy New Year to all our web readers!  Although it will be a challenging New Year for us all we hope that some of our offers and continued support will assist you and your department.

New error checks relating to incorrect wards or incorrect dietitians initials will be available this month.  Also colour coding product status in feed recipes.

A new module should be available by February that will enable wards and dietitians to order Special Meals and Snack Packs and for the Diet Kitchen to process these orders and produce clear and accurate labels for the meals.

December 2008

Support cover continues over the Christmas and New Year holidays as normal.  Please ensure you add the word 'EDM' into the subject line of your email if you do email a problem through.

November 2008

Many minor enhancements added this month based on user requests.  If your hospital has support level Silver and above there program enhancements are normally at zero cost! 

October 2008

Very busy month - two Ketogenic conferences to attend. One in Holland and one in Birmingham. 

May we take this opportunity to thank the dedicated people that organised the Dutch conference.  It was very professional done and provided a depth and detail of information to all those that attended.

Also coming very soon - an update to EKM to permit the 'Drag & Drop' of products into meals.  This release, along with various modifications for Vista compatibility, should be ready for pre-release at the Birmingham Conference.  If you are not already booked and want some free training then get booked!

September 2008

A new printer is now available from Zebra, the GK420t.  This printer is fully compatible with EDM and offers a 25% increase in printing speed compared to the original.  All new systems ordered in the next three months will be provided with this up rated unit at no additional cost.

Due to the continued increases in all areas of our costs that are totally out of our control (and, it appears, anyone else's!) we have to increase our support costs this month.  Letters with full details will be sent to all clients.

April 2008

No major changes this month although some minor changes made following users requests.

March 2008

It's still not to late to order EDM2000 if you find you have the budget and need to confirm an order before your budget deadline.  Please call us for a rapid quote and install to enable you to meet your deadline!

February 2008

New update to EDM2000 includes facility to set pasteurisation option on a per patient or per feed basis.

January 2008

The Client/Server of EDM2000 is now released.  Please contact your local support office for a demonstration and pricing.

December 2007

Another busy year is rapidly coming to a close.  Thank you to all of you who has provided support and ideas.  We move forward into a new year with new challenges and a fresh view. 

We have reviewed our costs and are reluctantly forced to make an adjustment of 5% on our charges due to the every increasing operating costs.  This change will be applicable to any support charge after 1st January 2008.

October 2007



We will be providing training, advice and information relating to EKM - Ketogenic Calculator at the KetoPag International Conference.  This is to be held at the 15th and 16th November 2007 at The Effingham Park Hotel, Copthorne, Nr. Gatwick, West Sussex.

Demonstrations of EDM2000™ will also be available after the training sessions if there are medical professionals that wish to review this modular feed and milk room management system.

Continuing on from the work done in June 2006 we are now moving forward with the Donor EBM milk bank module.  This will be made available as either an integrated part of EDM2000™ or as a separate program.  We are working closely with Yorkhill and St George's Hospital milk banks to ensure this product provides a fully functional tracking, labeling and stock monitoring system for Milk Banks.  The product will be called iDebm™.

September 2007

Fully functioning (but restricted to three patients) demonstration version of EDM2000™ is now available.  Please contact us for download details and password.

EDM2000™ has had a significant upgrade this month.  The key feature is the screen cache feature that permits 'instant' access to diet sheets either directly or via the daily feed list. 

Version 2 of EKM is due for release in November.  It will be pre-viewed at the International Ketogenic Conference being held in the UK.  More details will be released closer to that time.

June 2007

New warning message on selected products on change of amount, percent or nutrient - provides a further safety feature that ensures users of EDM2000™ produce accurate and safe feeds, consistently.

The Client/Server version of EDM2000™ continues it's development and testing path - more news later this year.

April 2007

Congratulations go to Paul Sacher and his team at the MEND program - they are beginning to get the international recognition they deserve.  We have worked with Paul and his team with regard to GI/GL calculation software for dietary analyses over the past year.

The Royal Alexander Children's Hospital is the latest hospital to join the expanding number of users benefiting from using EDM2000™ in their department.

Several new features added include a 'go to last edited diet sheet' and a powder feed only diet sheet.  If you need additional training on these and other new features then please contact your support engineer when he/she next visits.

January 2007

The service request and suggestion pages have been removed from the site as they were being abused by email spam systems.  If you need assistance or wish to make suggestion please email in the normal way.

Development continues in earnest on the Windows Client/Server version of EDM2000™.  This is planned to be fully released by the end of this year.

New phone system: A new call answering system has been implemented this year.  If you call your duty engineer and he/she does not answer within 20 seconds the call in automatically routed to the office where your call details are taken and the engineer contacted, if required.  We hope that this will improve further the levels of service we provide to you.

December 2006

Update to EKM released including a Professional version for Dieticians.  Dieticians will need to contact us for an additional password to access the updated features of the professional version.

New Support Voucher Scheme now available to those hospitals on a very tight budget.

November 2006

Entry level EDM2000™ system now available for hospitals with a limited budget.

Update to EDM2000™ this month includes height and BMI  graphs.  New template technology is built into the diet sheets screen.  Any feed can now be stored as an outline template and added to another patients feeds.  Templates can be emailed between hospitals when patients transfer to enable a copy of the diet sheet/s to be sent to the new hospital.  Standard feeds can be stored as a template and quickly added to a patients diet plan.

Price Increase: We have maintained our support charges the same for this past year even though energy prices and other costs continue to climb at an alarming rate. However, it is no longer possible to maintain current prices and we are forced by the continued increases in power, fuel and other overheads to apply a modest increase (most of these energy and service costs have increased in double figures and the London congestion charge has increased by 67% with a doubling of the area covered in 2007). Our increase will be 9% on top of the current yearly support rates and will be applicable at your next invoice date. Full details of these changes are detailed on our web site but the next time your support is due for renewal the amended charge will apply.

October 2006

12th Oct. - Annual heath check ratings:    It is very pleasing to see so many of the hospitals that use EDM2000™ with such very high ratings in this years review.  Although such reviews are a review of all departments we like to believe that EDM played it's part in making each hospital achieve their very high ratings - well done!

New update for EDM2000™ this month now includes integrated weight graphs and multi line blood result graphs.

September 2006

BREAKING NEWS - The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital has just confirmed its order for a EDM2000™ system.  Welcome to the growing group of EDM users throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Split level event logging for system and user level events are now active.

August 2006

Update available for EDM2000™ that now has hyperlinks on the diet sheet for volume, preparation and feeding summaries.  It is also now possible to set the maximum size of feed bottles to provide cross check when specifying for preparation.

July 2006

Another busy month of adding more features and checks into EDM2000™.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for enhancements then please let us know.

Design stage started for full EBM Donor Milk bank functionality for EDM2000™ - more details soon.

June 2006

New release of EDM2000™ issued this month with many minor fixes and some important processing improvements.  We are also testing the use of EDM2000™ via Citrix servers and farms.  One major UK hospital is now live via a Citrix farm and experiencing major performance gains.

April 2006

Yorkhill hospital in Glasgow (Royal Hospital for Sick Children) is the latest hospital to invest in a EDM2000™ system.  This site is a clear demonstration of how effectively EDM2000™ can be implemented.  The complete system was installed, users trained and operational within two weeks.  This would not of been possible without the total co-operation of a highly effective dietetics department.  Thank you Yorkhill!

March 2006

EDM2000™ on a PDA!!! - yes, proof of concept testing is a success via a Citrix gateway.  Further testing and refinement will be done but this level of technology will permit dieticians to access and run EDM2000™ from a hand held PDA anywhere!

We are in the final few months of completing a GI/GL (Glycemic Index) calculator.  This is being developed in conjunction with MEND ( to facilitate the detail analysis of diets for the glycemic loading.

February 2006

Just right click on any product in a recipe and see all the details in a pop up window - great for double checking figures or comparing details!

This month sees the release of a major new level of functionality.  Now the individual nutrients within a recipe can be changed - the amount and percent will be automatically recalculated!   Thus, there will be no limits to how much you can fine tune a feed.

January 2006

May we sincerely wish you all a Peaceful New Year.

Please ensure your version of EDM2000™ is up to date.  Many new features are being added weekly!

New colour coding of print buttons to track status of print with change of text colour - this feature is only enabled on Windows XP systems.

December 2005

If you are running a version of EDM2000™ that is below version 1.22.12 then please obtain the latest update - contact your support engineer for details.

We have maintained our support costs the same for over three years now. However, it is no longer possible to maintain the price freeze and we are forced by the continued increases in power, fuel and other costs to apply a modest increase (most of these services have increased in double figures). Our increase will be 8% on top of the previous yearly support rates.  All support costs have now been updated on this site with the new rates.

All sites are now working with the Windows version of EDM2000™.  Next year will see many new features added to this 32 bit platform.

November 2005

The roll out of EDM2000™ is almost completed!  Due to many advanced features being currently designed for the new year release we are having to stop support for Windows 95 and Windows 98 by 2006.  Both these versions of Windows are at 'end of life' status with Microsoft.  To continue development of EDM2000™ to retain support for these old version of Windows will limit the functionality and power of the final product.

All support costs will be reviewed for January 2006.  This is unavoidable due to the continued rise in operating costs.  We hope to keep these increases in line with inflation.

October 2005

We will continue to provide support for the DOS version of EDM up to the end of 2005.  In 2006 we will be releasing new advanced features that will no longer be backward compatible from Windows to the DOS versions.

September 2005

Upgrades to existing sites from EDM to EDM2000™ is going well and we are now past the half way mark.  We hope to have all sites updated by the end of October.  This is a very exiting time for us and our clients as many new and powerful features will be added once all sites have completed this upgrade path.  All new clients will automatically have the new EDM2000™ version installed.

Label and ribbon price review has been completed  - please see Label section for new prices as from 1st October 2005

August 2005

Price warning update: Due to the continued increase in petrol and other costs we are now revising all support costs.  We have two options, one is to increase charges to all but this would not be an effective policy.  What we propose to do is the second option and that is to insist on broadband remote access to client sites to provide more timely and cost effective support.  Those sites that can not provide or permit such facilities (we can assist with the technicalities and costs of such a link) will have a 20% increase applied to their support costs.  These new rates will be applicable from 1st September 2005.

July 2005

We read with interest Sir Liam Donaldson's annual report summary on the BBC news site relating the Patient Safety.  For hospitals that are not currently using EDM2000™ we cannot stress too fully the real safety benefits of using this program in the production and safe labeling of infant and liquid feeds.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for a detailed on site demonstration.

June 2005

We will be demonstrating our EDM2000™ and EKM (Ketogenic Calculator) at the BDA conference in Cardiff on 14th-16th June. 

May 2005

Touch screen option now available for the Windows version!  Click here for further details.

April 2005

Deferred capital purchase option now available.  Use EDM2000™ now and pay later!

March 2005

Version 1.3 of EKM under final user testing.  Full week by week diary function to log all events, ketones, medication etc and ability to print/fax/email weekly log sheets.  This should help parents and dieticians work together in fine tuning the diet quickly and effectively.

February 2005

5th - EKM enhancements: Print products, view 12 products on meal screen plus a few more features- get the latest download now!

2nd - Important update for EKM to correct a value on the calculated amount of Kcal per product line - this does not effect the normal screen calculated values or printed values.  This value can only be seen by scrolling to the right side of the products list.  If you are currently using EKM then please update with this latest release.  (Thank you to Nicole at Great Ormond Street Hospital for spotting this problem)

January 2005

19th - Minor update release of EKM now available.  Fixes screen update issue when adding new products.

May we wish you all the very best wishes for the New Year.  May you have Peace and Health.

EKM News - now in use in England, Ireland, USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  To all dieticians, thank you for your interest and please - all feedback is gratefully received and will help shape the features for version 2.  To parents - please let us know if you want this program, it is available free once we have confirmed your child in on a medically supervised ketogenic diet.

Network option now available for EKM - please email if you have a need for this version.

December 2004

EKM is now released and available via this web - please follow this link for more details!

November 2004

22/11/2004 - Release 1.1 of EKM is now completing final test and a quote from one of our testers is 'fantastic!'.  Please watch this page for a final release date.  If you wish to be advised of this date then please email us at

15/11/2004 - Final release of EKM is nearing completion - please see the EKM page for more detailed information.

Thank you to all of you that attended the Ketogenic Conference at the ICH in London today, 8th November.  If you collected one of the evaluation CD's then please note that the unlock password is 'bannana' (yes - spelt exactly as typed except for the quote marks).  If you do not have a setup file dated 9th November  or later then click here for an update to be applied after installing the setup file.  Email us your details to obtain the new password for this update.

October 2004

EKM is approaching the final release date - due on Monday 8th November.  Please check back here for more information and a download link.

September 2004

Release of EKM Beta - the testers are hard at work finding any problems to ensure that when fully released there will a minimum of problems.  Please check back here for more details later.

July 2004

More features for ward ordering of feeds in dedicated module.

Bronze Plus level of support added as an additional support option.

June 2004

Full meal label functionality now available.  Ward ordering and monitoring of scheduled feeds enhanced.

May 2004

Enhanced product data permits the storage of standard ward notes or preparation notes for each product.  Thus when a diet sheet is prepared using one of these products the notes can be automatically added to the relevant notes section.  This save considerable time and improves accuracy/consistency of instructions.

April 2004

New enhanced milk room module to permit the viewing of feeds from any date.  Thus the milk room can now produce labels in advance, when required (increase from the standard day+3 option).  The daily list can also be used to select MEALs and NDS's as well as the default FEED list.  This is selectable via hot-key combination.  Thus EDM can now be used for meal nutrition analysis and production of labels for the diet kitchen (a critical area if your hospital has patients such as bone marrow transplants and requires all food prepared cleanly and accurately labeled).

Utility program to import data from The Composition of Foods data sets into EDM or EKM - thus full food analysis available together with modular feeds!  NB: Separate data license required from HMSO.  Please contact us if you require this feature.  This utility will work with DOS and Windows versions.

March 2004

We are currently working with the ICH in London on a project for Ketogenic diets (EKM) - please watch this space for more exciting news on this project.

February 2004

Pre-term date calculations.

Screen warnings on individual products (user defined).

Three lines of free text per label.

Title can be added to label contents to form compound label text.

BMI calculation on screen automatically.

New colour coded system messages to clarify message importance.

Hot key to NDS patient from daily list.

January 2004 - EDM 32 bit now released!

December 2003 - The windows version of EDM is now completed and undergoing final testing.  Please contact us for your chance to book a demonstration in January.  Upgrades will begin later in the first quarter of 2004 after full on-site tests have been completed. 

Pay as you Print option now available!

November 2003 - screen information messages enhanced with more details.

September 2003 - We can now supply bottle labels at competitive prices - please contact us for a quotation.

September 2003 - Import/Export function to enable electronic transfer of patient records between hospitals.

August 2003 - Excess liquid warning on screen.

July 2003 - new program memory management for faster loading and running.

January 2003 - addition of DOB on feed labels for additional medical security.

The milk room module has been updated in October 2002 to produce larger and clearer print.  An additional function has been added to facilitate the production of any content in the label with no expiry dates or times.  There is also a function to print labels for freezer feeds.  There should no be a need for any further handwritten labels.  If your hospital is still writing out labels then we would like to hear from you as EDM can remove this chore and ensure clear accurate labels for all your feed requirements.


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